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Your wish is our command! We have a boat for that!

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It is 2015!  Can you believe it?  The most important thing to point out here is that we are inching closer to Spring every day!  Now that January had begun, we are starting to see an increase in web traffic and enquiries….YAHOO!   We are pumped because this traffic means that SUMMER IS COMING TOO!!!  I put together a little teaser-reminder yesterday…it took me right back to last summer, enjoying the Okanagan Summer and the warm, clear lakes! Take a peek at the video, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out with a boat...

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  That’s right, you do not need a boat license to rent a boat in BC.  And really, the on-water training that you will receive from Glenn is SO superior to and “parking-lot” training you could ever hope for.  You will actually get to drive the boat, go through all safety issues and procedures, before you are ever left on your own.  Your safety is our #1 concern.

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This is NOT your Daddy’s boat rental folks!

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Wanna see why we were the first to start renting premium ski boats in Vernon?  Take our VIRTUAL TEST DRIVE in one of our gorgeous MALIBU SUNSETTER LXi’s, this should get you rev’d up for summer….

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Have questions about sending an EMAIL TRANSFER? It’s SO easy!!!

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This page answers all your questions about sending an email transfer! It’s literally SUPER EASY…AND FAST!  You can most easily do it RIGHT FROM YOUR PERSONAL ON-LINE BANKING PAGE!  The option will be somewhere right underneath “payments”. Click here to learn more about email transfer.

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Jessie Schipfel shows us WHY YOU need to rent a tournament boat!

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We had a blast yesterday when we asked our good friend Jessie Schipfel to treat Adam to a few pointers on the lake…well, let’s just say, we were ALL SMILES!!! Check THIS out! You cannot do THIS behind a tuna boat!!!

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Allow me to wet your appetite a little bit…drooling is completely understandable!

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Is your Daddy THIS cool?….didn’t think so. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/TRt4ImGLtxY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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A video is on the way for our newest member of our boat rental family….

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Are you ready to DROOL?? We would like to introduce the newest member of the family…OFFICIALLY!! It’s going to get even harder to choose WHICH performance ski boat will tickle your fancy this year…WOW! She is a beautiful, solid, strong, LOADED Wakesetter VLX!!! Video will posted soon…do you smell smoke? Don’t panic, it’s just my MAC, working REALLY HARD!!!

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Today is the big day!

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I have been pulling my hair out over the last month, learning HOW to build a website…and today is the day that everyone gets a chance to see it!  I hope you like it!  Please leave me a comment and let me know if your questions were answered.  What about the navigation?  Did it make sense?  Renting a boat in Vernon needs to be easy and HASSLE-FREE…I want our website to follow the same example…was that your experience?? Well, that’s it for now…send me your thoughts!!!  

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Do I need a boat license to rent a boat in BC?

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The answer is…Not if you are renting.  If you are buying, or borrowing a boat, every operator must have a BC Operators card on-board the boat with them.  If you are renting, We can certify you for the day, after we do a thorough on-water orientation.  Glenn will sign a form that says you are competent to operate our boats after completion.  If you get searched by Transport Canada or the RCMP, you simply show them your temporary license, and you are good to go!

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Our rental boats are ready to go!!!

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We had an absolute blast filming some new video footage of the two new boats last night!  The WAKESETTER VLX and our SUNSETTER LXi purred like kittens!  (well, maybe more like big ferocious cats!) We are ready to rent some boats folks! Here’s a couple of teaser photo’s to wet your appetite!    

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